How I Styled My Coffee Bar

Coffee has become a serious passion of mine, it all started back when I was a teenager going out for coffee with my high school friends. The funny thing is I never drank coffee but would drink pop or water, as I disliked the taste of coffee but was obsessed with how good it smelled. I secretly wished I could drink it like all my other friends as they seemed to enjoy it but every time I tried I couldn’t get past the bitter taste.

As time went on I kept finding myself drawn to trying a sip here and there thinking it would get easier and I would enjoy it like everybody else, but unfortunately that never happened. Living in Canada there are an abundant amount of Tim Hortons where I live and my passion of Ice Caps started. This is where I began to think finally I am enjoying coffee but on a different level, but it just left me feeling that I was still missing out.

For whatever reason my husband Derek decided to get me a Keurig in 2015. I remember opening the gift and immediately thinking why this? He knows I don’t drink coffee, so I asked him what possessed him to think of such a thing. He responded, perhaps I could use it for tea or hot chocolate. I was definitely intrigued at the possibility of having a single serve coffee maker that could do that. The model I had came with around 50 different K Cups of coffee and I knew that this was the way I would “make” myself enjoy coffee and grow to love it.

I still remember brewing that first cup of coffee feeling all sorts of excitement that I too could share in others delight in the delicious liquid gold as I have heard it called. I took my first sip and immediately couldn’t drink it as it was still as bitter as I remember, so I added a bit of milk and sugar and thought it was ok but not great. I was determined to make it great and thought why not get some flavoured creamer.  I proceeded to purchase some french vanilla concoction from my local grocery store and from that first splash of creamer in my coffee, my life changed forever, I haven’t looked back. That is when my mornings were no longer boring but something I could start my day with.

Since that original Keurig, my love of coffee and cute mugs has literally impacted my every day life. I am fortunate enough to have 2 different types of single serve machines now, a new Cuisinart Single Serve and also a Nespresso Virtuoline. I incorporate both of these machines in my morning routine.

My obsession has become such a passion that I share it with others on all my social media platforms. From YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat, to Facebook and now my blog. There are so many gorgeous and amazing coffee bars that I have seen that they inspired me to create my very own. I truly believe that no matter the amount of space or type of budget you have, that you can make your very own coffee area. It is just deciding how fabulous you want to make it.

Check out the photos and video of how I turned my bulky coffee station into a fun and fantastic coffee bar.





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