DIY Believe Sign | Tea Bar

I love a simple and easy DIY, my go to place for inspiration is Pinterest. It never lets me down with the vast array of ideas from very simple to perhaps a bit more complex. My goal is to make it as easy as possible, and also budget friendly. I find that this can be a bit more challenging but I am always able to find some type of inspiration to share with my fellow DIYers. A great DIY comes in many forms and when I was deciding to put together a tea bar area, I wanted to add something that was rustic and homemade.

I try to utilize the dollar store for my DIY’s, but sometimes that just isn’t possible. So I use coupons from my local Michaels to cut down the costs as well as incorporating items I may already have on hand. This believe sign is incredibly easy and simple to put together, with just a bit of acrylic paint and a hot glue gun you can make your very own sign.

All materials to put this together were purchased from Michaels except for the greenery, I already had that on hand. I used a 50% off coupon for the wooden distressed plaque and in total spent around $12. I think that is fantastic.

Check out my photos and videos below to see how you can make your own believe sign and tea bar.


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