My Top 5 Decorating and Shopping Tips

I always get asked a lot of questions in regards to how I go about decorating or shopping on a budget. I tried to come up with my top 5 tips that I am mindful of when it comes to keeping a budget in mind. All these tips are probably being used by most if not all people already, but I still thought it would be a great idea to share with those that may not think outside the box when deciding how to spend your hard earned money.

My motto this year has been less is more when it comes to decorating as well as trying to reuse items I may either have in storage not being utilized. Perhaps it may be something that you have had in your home for awhile and by placing it in a fresh area of your house it becomes new again without having to spend any money.

I love utilizing pinterest for inspiration starting points and Ebates has become my new best friend for online shopping. Why not make money while you shop, who doesn’t love that.

Don’t be afraid to sign up for email lists of your favourite stores you shop at, they usually send you exclusive coupons only available with your email. It’s a great tool to save even more money if you are wanting to purchase a little something extra that you have had your eye on.

I can’t stress enough checking out your local dollar store such as Dollarama here in Canada or Dollar Tree. I have found so many great ideas for my DIY’s that are not only simple but easy on the pocketbook. They continually update their product weekly especially their seasonal decor which is my favourite.

Be sure to click on the video below to get my favourite tips.



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