Jaime Thomas

Meet Jaime

Being a woman in my forties I found myself saying what am I passionate about? In 2013 I decided to start Instagram. I had no idea where that would take me, but I knew I wanted to connect with other people.

Sharing my love of all things decor related, ignited something within me. I was determined to inspire others that decorating on a budget can be fun. My mini dachshund Apollo began to win over many of my followers.

I originally came up with the name decordream, as it seemed to fit my personality and passion I have for home decor. I began to get requests to start a YouTube channel.

In November 2014 I decided to become a content creator on YouTube, hoping that maybe one person would watch. It’s hard to believe something I am so passionate about is inspiring others to bake, cook and share their own decorating stories.

I look forward to seeing what the future has in store for me.

~ Jaime

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Meet the Family

I would like to introduce my husband Derek and my fur baby Apollo.

Derek and I have been together almost 17 years. He is my constant silent supporter who always is championing me to do my best, you won’t see much of him in front of the camera but mostly behind the scenes.

Apollo is a mini Dachshund who joined our family back in 2005, he is 13 years young as of January, 2018. He enjoys posing for the camera and many of my social media followers have come to know him very well and love him just as much as Derek and I do.